Religious Department


Highway Secondary School religious community, the Chaplaincy department is composed of Christian Union(CU), Young Christian Society(YCS), Muslims and Seventh Day Adventist(SDA). This deptment is involved with Religious matters of the school community which is vital for personal and communial spiritual develpment for both students and members of the staff of the school.

Past BOG Chairpersons

1) Dr. Hassanaly Rattansi (1964-1978)

2) Mr. D.M. Mutiso (1978-1996)

 3) Mr. L.M. Ombete( 1997-1999)

4) Mr. P. Thige (2000-July 2006)

5) Dr. …

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History of the School

About Highway Secondary School

The Highway Secondary School is a public boys’ boarding school located in South B, Nairobi, Kenya. The school …

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